Undergraduate Research Assistants Needs

Assist. Prof. Dr. Christopher Hannum

: 2 - 4 students to learn web-scraping and data analysis techniques to build a model for forecasting Turkish cinema box office returns, using publicly available data from the internet and social media.


Contact: hannum [at]

Assist. Prof. Dr. Rui Dang

Research: Students interested in applied econometrics, empirical and statistical research methods and public policy evaluation

Contact: rdang [at]

Assist. Prof. Dr. Quentin Stoeffler


Several ongoing and future projects related to Development Economics, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, but also in other areas including Turkey. In addition to the two research projects described below, additional projects may become available in the future.

Research A: Look for two students with outstanding English writing skills to work on Gender inequality in Education in Rajasthan, India. The work consists in writing an academic article based on qualitative data from an existing project report. Extensive academic reading and writing is required for this project, as well as some work with quantitative data (mostly descriptive statistics) that require good command of Stata.

Research B: Looking for any student speaking French for work related to World Bank projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. French-speaking students at any level (undergraduate or graduate) are encouraged to contact me in order to start a conversation if they are interested in development economics and in working on real-world applications. Native language skills are not required, but good speaking and writing skills are necessary.

Research C: Look for one student with excellent English skills to conduct a literature review on gold mining (and related topics) for a project in Burkina Faso. Requires very good academic reading and writing skills. Needs to be organized and independent, as well as pro-active in literature search and summary writing.

Contact: stoeffler [at]