2021 Spring Term Online



All the necessary information about the course is included in this syllabus. Please read it carefully and thoroughly to have an enjoying and successful term.


1.Course Description:


This course examines the basic concepts in economics. The first part covers microeconomics on how firms decide on production and households decide on the consumption of goods and services. The second part covers macroeconomics focusing on topics, such as national income, unemployment, inflation, and economic growth, while taking the economy as a whole. Please see the course content below.




All necessary announcements will be made on our course web page below. Please follow it regularly to remain informed and updated.


Here is the link:




The lecturers will copy post the announcements on the website on the Ninova page of each section (CRN) as much as possible. However, students must follow up on the website as the primary spot for remaining updated.


3.Course Materials:


The coursebook is Principles of Economics, 7th Edition, by Gregory Mankiw.


Slides are available in soft copy format on the link below:




Sometimes the website may not appear available due to periodic updates. Do not panic! It will come up in a few hours again. To avoid any potential loss of time for your studies, please download all the slides sensibly beforehand while it is available and save them to your devices.


4. Midterm and Final Examinations:


There will be two exams, including a midterm (%40) and a final (%60) exam. The examination will take place on the University’s exam platform called AYVA. Please be sure to check if you can enter the platform with the correct password and username.


If you experience a problem, please contact the IT support desk by opening up a help ticket immediately – sure not five minutes before the exam time. It may take time to fix the issue by the IT support desk.


Here is the guideline for the platform:




The exams will appear on your AYVA account 48 hours before the exam time and date to the latest. Please do not expect to receive a link to enter into the exam that will be sent from somewhere. Simply, log-in to your AYVA account and double-check if you can see the exam. If you cannot see the exam, contact us up to 24 hours before the exam date and time. For how to contact timely and effectively, please see section 6.


Both the midterm and final exams include 40 multiple-choice questions. Each question has 4 answer options (A, B, C, D). Only one is correct. Each multiple-choice question has the same weight (2.5 points per question).


Sequential navigation is enabled which means that you must progress through the midterm examination in order and can neither return to previous pages nor skip ahead. You will have 1 hour to complete the test for each (Midterm or Final) examination.


Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with technical support during the examinations. It is recommended to double-check and charge up your devices before the exam time to manage (at least to some extent) last-minute unexpected events such as electricity cuts (phones can be used for internet access as a stating-the-obvious reminder) that may affect your success undesirably. If you still could not take the exam due to technical or health issues in accordance with the rules specified by our school, you can find information about the make-up examination below (section 5).


Unfortunately, sample exam questions for the course cannot be shared due to copyright issue. Taking pictures of the questions particularly during online exams is strictly not recommended which may have serious consequences for your academic career.




Midterm Examination 40%


Final Examination 60% (all chapters are included)


Please note that we do not have a predetermined grading system, such as a catalogue or strictly a curve. In each term, grading is exclusively finalised based on the unique distribution of grades.


5. How to take the make-up examination?


There will be only one make-up exam at the end of the term for the final exam on a day announced by the Department of Economics based on the make-up exam time schedules announced by our University. Those who experience an issue during the midterm examination will also be allowed to enter into the make-up exam for the final.


Those who are unable to take the exam due to technical or health issues in accordance with the rules specified by our school, must apply to their own faculties with valid reasons and documentation within five working days of either the midterm or final exam.


Please read the guideline (what is a valid reason?) carefully and thoroughly (no English translation is available at the moment, apologies for this. We are here to support our foreign students in case they need it):




Please also contact and inform us at eko201e@itu.edu.tr with your name, surname, student number, and a valid reason, after officially applying to your own departments.


We must only include you in the make-up examination only if your application to your departments have successfully examined and accepted. Students who receive access to the make-up examination will be announced and provided access to the make-up exam which will also be run on the AYVA platform with the same exam format as in the final exam.


6. How to contact us?


If you still experience any issue about the course or any other thing that you think may affect your success on the module, you should let us know instantaneously with your name, surname, and student number, as well as your departmental information.


Your lecturer based on your section (CRN) should remain as your primary contact.


You should inform us at eko201e@itu.edu.tr if you experience a problem either in the midterm or final examination for the make-up exam (please see section 5 for how to do it).


Every term, more than a thousand and five hundred students take the course, so be patient while we return back to your emails. We will be doing our best to resolve your queries in the shortest time possible.


7. Attendance


Your online participation is compulsory and highly appreciated. Unfortunately, you will receive VF if you become unable to attend more than half of the lectures during a term without any legitimate reason to do so. You must connect to the courses from your İTÜ e-mail addresses so that your participation is recorded at Zoom automatically.


If you could not attend more than half of the classes, and if you have an excuse, report this to the email below:


EKO201E course syllabus

We Wish All Our Students Great Success!


Department of Economics