Course Contents

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ECN 101E - Principles of Microeconomics

ECN 102E - Principles of Macroeconomics

ECN 103E - Markets and Ethics

ECN 201E - Intermediate Microeconomics

ECN 202E - Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECN 203E - Introduction to Law

ECN 204E - Statistics II

ECN 205E - Statistics I Syllabus Fall 2019r (1)

ECN 205E - Statistics I

ECN 206E - Statistics II

ECN 207E - Mathematical Economics

ECN 208E - Public Economics

ECN 210E - Financial Accounting

ECN 216E - Statistics II

ECN 301E - Econometrics I

ECN 302E - Econometrics II

ECN 303E - Development Economics

ECN 304E - Economics of Growth

ECN 305E - Industrial Organization

ECN 306E - Economics of Innovation and Technological Change

ECN 307E - Game Theory

ECN 308E - Competition Law and Policy

ECN 309E - Money, Banking & Financial Markets

ECN 310E - Institutional Economics

ECN 311E - International Trade

ECN 312E - International Finance

ECN 313E - Development Economics

ECN 314E - Financial Economics

ECN 317E - Money, Banking & Financial Markets

ECN 401E - Turkish Economy

ECN 402E - Project Apprasial

ECN 403E - Microeconometrics

ECN 405E - Time Series Econometrics

ECN 410E - Energy Economics

ECN 411E - Transport Economics

ECN 412E - Environmental Economics

ECN 413E - Health Economics

ECN 414E - Economics of Education

ECN 415E - Urban Economics

ECN 420E - Behavioral Economics

ECN 421E - Experimental Economics

ECN 422E - Economics and Psychology

ECN 430E - Income Distribution and Poverty

ECN 431E - European Economics & Institutions

ECN 432E - Labor Economics

ECN 433E - Regulatory Economics and Regulated Industries

ECN 4902E - Economic Design

ECN314E_FinancialEconomicsSyllabus_Spring20 (1)

EKO 201E - Economics